Dylan Clark

4504 Glenwick Lane - Dallas, TX 75205

  • Engineer at Microsoft in Seattle, WA, August 2018-Present

  • Coding Intern at Microsoft in Seattle, WA, June-August 2017

  • Coding Intern at ParkHub.com in Dallas, TX, June-August 2016

  • Co-Editor of Rise: Harvard University's Leadership Magazine, December 2014-2016

  • Volunteer Tutor and Mentor at the Mission Hill After-School Program in Boston, MA, September 2014-2016

  • Sponsored by Harvard University’s Brooks House Association, students from Boston area colleges work with 6-14 year-olds on literacy, homework, and relationship building.
  • Development Intern at St. Mark’s School of Texas in Dallas, TX, May-August 2014

  • Working with a team of interns, contacted hundreds of alums and secured enough pledges to exceed St. Mark’s 2013-1014 Alumni Fund goal of 50 percent.
  • Contributed articles and layout design to St. Mark’s Alumni Magazine, "The Pride"
  • Designed external publications, admissions application calendar, and faculty biography brochure
  • Created digital archives for Development Office
  • Research Assistant at Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry in Wilmington, MA, July, 2013

  • Researched non-toxic solutions for industrial applications, including an ultra low-cost, recyclable solar panel that relies on biomimicry principles to efficiently convert sunlight to electricity. Biomimicry draws on nature's designs to inspire innovation in the sciences.
  • Work involved making and assembling solar cell components and testing the completed solar cells for energy efficiency using various additive molecules. The work optimized the ratio of molecules present in a dye-sensitized solar cell’s semi-conductor and allows Warner Babcock to move forward to the next level of research.
  • Student Assistant at Karen Dillard College Prep in Dallas, TX, March, 2013 - Present

  • Publishing Intern at Inkubate, LLC in Dallas, TX, July & August, 2012

  • Coordinated literary contest, reviewed writers’ submissions and edited multi-media content uploaded to the site
  • Created spreadsheets for business development analysis and synthesized user statistics
  • Reported to principals of company
  • Counselor at St. Mark’s School of Texas Summer Camp, Summer, 2012

  • Eagles Cabin Counselor and Sailing Instructor at Camp Timanous, Raymond, Maine, Summer, 2011

  • Admissions Ambassador for St. Mark’s School of Texas, 2010-2014

  • Harvard College (Class of 2018)

  • National Merit Scholar (June, 2014)

  • JBH Henderson Citizenship Cup Award, received at St. Mark’s Graduation (May, 2014)

  • St. Mark's School of Texas (Class of 2014) - 4.32 GPA

  • January 2013 SAT: 2360
    SAT Subject Tests: Math 2: 800 / Literature: 760 / Chemistry: 750
    AP Tests: English 5 / History: 5

  • Editor-in-Chief (2013-2014) of the 12th consecutive time Columbia Scholastic Gold Crown award-winning newspaper,The Remarker.

  • Senior Student Council Member (2013-2014)

  • Cum Laude Society inductee, April, 2013

  • Arts Editor (2012-2013) for The Remarker, managing monthly layout, content and production.

  • David Knight Writers’ Workshop Attendee, July 8-12, 2013, July 13-15, 2012 & July 15-17, 2011

  • Columbia Scholastic Press Association Attendee, June 23-28 and March 19-22, 2013; June 24-28 and March 12-16, 2012

  • Executive Member of the Leadership Institute at Harvard College (December 2014 - Present)

  • National Merit Scholar (June 2014)

  • JBH Henderson Citizenship Cup Award received May 23, 2014 from the faculty of the St. Mark’s School of Texas to "the senior who has genuine concern for others and who is dedicated to the ideals of honor and justice."

  • Editor-in-Chief (2013-2014) of the 12th consecutive Columbia Scholastic Gold Crown award-winning newspaper,The Remarker.

    • Nominated as a Pacemaker Story-of-the-Year Finalist by The National Scholastic Press Association of America Foundation (September 2014) for "Fifty years later, a dream revisited" (September 2013)
    • Received Excellence in Journalism Award (May 2014) from Gene & Alice Oltrogge Master Journalism Teacher and Adviser of The ReMarker, Ray T. Westbrook
    • Received two First Place Awards for Column Portfolio & Page Design Portfolio (May 2014) from the Dallas Morning News
    • Received Interscholastic League Press Conference Award of Excellence for "the integration anniversary story in the September, 2013 issue of The Remarker"
  • Senior Student Council member (2013-2014)

  • Penn Book Award (2013) presented to a junior who has demonstrated leadership and integrity in both academics and athletics and whose exemplary citizenship serves the community well

  • Ralph B. Rogers Award (2013) awarded by the faculty to the most outstanding student in English

  • The Cum Laude Society inductee (April, 2013)

  • 3rd Place Non-Fiction Award (2013) for "Homeless" at St. Mark's Sixth Annual Literary Festival

  • Green Club President and Sustainability Committee Member (2011-2014) collectively involved in shaping a greener future for St. Mark’s

  • Community Service Board (2011-2014) Received President’s Award in 2011 for logging over 100 hours, for a total of 265 hours through junior year.

  • Tutors and mentors children at Jubilee Park and Community Center and Genesis Women's Shelter
  • Drives Committee, responsible for organizing food, clothing and blood donations
  • Texas Solar Society Award (2008) and cash prize for essay entitled, "Junk Mail is Trashing our Lives and Our Planet," chronicling a year’s worth of junk mail and its impact on the environment

  • Arthur Douglas Natural History Award (2008) recognizing in a student "the interest and curiosity to discover the mysteries of nature"

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